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From: Hut Allred, New Wave Fitness, Inc.

To: Eric

Re: The habit of exercise

Have you ever thought of all the things you do today
that are nothing more than habits?

They can be good or bad, formed through repetitive
thought and deed.

The truth about the creation of habits is that they
start out as ideas - then you take action upon them.
And if you take action upon them everyday for 21 days,
the habit is mastered.  Virtue or vice - the habit has
YOU - you don't have it.

The above is often more true of bad habits than good.

Bad habits are much easier to develop and difficult to
break.  Good habits on the other hand, take a little
more commitment to form - but once again, when they're
locked down and you've mastered them, the habit is

Until... you begin mingling with people who have good
habits - or you go on a trip - or you come down with an
illness - and so on.

Bad habits are easy to keep because there are so many
people around you who have the same bad habits.

When it comes to good habits though, majority of times
you have to seek others who can reinforce the good
you're doing.

But even if you don't find many others who share your
good habits for exercise, proper nutrition, a positive
mental attitude and so on - this is not a problem so
long as you stay focused through constant reading,
listening to audio programs, going to seminars,

I suggest you form one new positive habit at a time, if
you don't have exterior support. Spend at least 21
straight days 'hooking' yourself on this good habit.
Then, once it 'has you' - think about adding something
else that is good.

One of the great things about the "New Wave Fitness
Ultimate 12 Week Body Transformation System" is that
the exercise habit grabs you from the inside out.

You can be done with a body fat reducing, muscle-
building workout in 30 minutes - 45 to 60 if you're
hard core.

You feel so good following this program that you want
to do it more often. The components become a good habit
quickly - and it gives you the internal strength to
drop negative, destructive habits.

This ultimate system constitutes the very best habit-
forming exercise and proper nutrition on the planet.

To your health,