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                                                                                        Ask Eric

      Do you have any questions about your fitness regimen or in-home personal training, or maybe your diet plan?  Do you feel like maybe you are not doing the right thing?  Are you not getting the results that you would like?

      As a free service to my friends, feel free to contact me at anytime with your personal training, fitness, or nutrition, questions and concerns.  You can reach me anytime at Eric@everybodyspersonaltrainer.com.

      Remember, there is no better time than now to achieve that body that you always desired.  Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have in your quest to achieve that body that you always dreamed of.


                                Some Q and A with Eric Leader

Questions and Answers with Paul Coughlin

Below Eric explains how he got into the business of personal training, his overall approach with clients, his fitness philosophies and more.

  Q: Why did you choose to become a personal trainer?

As a boy, I was very into athletics and being active. As I got older, I naturally gravitated towards exercise and fitness. I have experienced first hand how much exercise, and being physically fit, can improve your quality of life. I chose to become a personal trainer so that I can share what I have learned and to help others benefit from an active, healthy lifestyle.

  Q: How are you different then other personal trainers? What is your specialty?

Being a very passionate and motivated person, I really enjoy getting to know my clients and allowing them to get to know me. Fitness doesn’t have to just be hard work, it can be fun too. I strive to create programs that are not only challenging but fun for my clients. Together we can have a good time and get great results. My specialty would have to be weight loss and muscle toning. It is my goal to have your friends catch you while you look at your new body in the mirror.

  Q: What is your biggest challenge that you face when training clients?

When I take on a client, all of my motivation and drive is to achieve the desired goals for my client. Nothing satisfies me more than seeing a client achieve their goals. The biggest challenge for me is when a client is not as dedicated to their program as I am, and lack motivation.

  Q: How do you deal with clients who aren't serious?

I feel that as a personal trainer, a major part of my job is to keep my clients motivated. However, I pride myself on being very open and honest with my clients. If I feel that a client isn’t serious, I’ll let them know how I feel. Together we’ll figure out what is wrong, and try to get back on track. It is important that, as a team, we keep our goals in mind and keep it fun

  Q: What is the most important component to personal training that you advocate to clients?

Nothing is more important than a healthy, well rounded lifestyle. As a personal trainer, it is very important to educate on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is exercise and being physically active important, but nutrition, proper rest, managing stress, etc. are important as well.

  Q: What are your strengths as a trainer? weaknesses?

I am a very energetic and passionate person. I love fitness, and the passion that I feel tends to rub off on my clients. I enjoy keeping things fun and new, and above all, getting results. I pride myself on being able to motivate my clients and keeping them driven. My weakness is that, at times, I can be a little overbearing. Don’t be surprised to receive a phone call from me at home to check up and see how you have been eating.

  Q: What do you think of the ever popular Atkins Diet??

I must admit that I am not an advocate of the Atkin’s Diet. I feel that carbohydrates are essential in a well balanced diet. Carbs are a very important source of energy, not only for our muscles, but for our brains as well. In addition, carb restricted diets will inevitably result in a yo-yo effect of dieting. Keep it simple. Eat a well balanced diet, and get plenty of exercise.

  Q: What question do you come across most with clients?

The question I get most often tends to come from my female clients. The question is whether or not weight training will cause bulky muscles? The answer is no. Females do not have the same hormonal make-up as males, and as a result, will not achieve the same type of muscularity. However, weight training will help to define and sculpt, as well as increase the bodies overall metabolism.

  Q: Who is your favorite fitness author?

My favorite fitness author is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has great knowledge of fitness and various nutritional principles. I have a lot of respect for his drive and ambition, and it truly comes across on the pages. However, I would definitely not want to listen to any of his books on tape.

  Q: Who has been your greatest success story?

My friend/client Tanya. When we first met, she hated the idea of exercise and severely lacked motivation. She was constantly out of breath, and would watch the clock hoping that the session was nearly over. Well, fifty pounds of weight loss later, she became an addict. Showing up for our sessions early, staying late, and smiling the whole time. Her friends even referred to her as the “ever shrinking woman.” Nothing is more satisfying than helping a client achieve their goals and watching their lives change.

  Q: What is your advice for clients first starting a fitness program?

Nothing is more important than believing in yourself and knowing that you can change. Their will always be hard times, times when you do not feel like working out. However, the difference between someone in shape, and someone out of shape, is that the former will stick it through even when tired. You can do it, trust me, and together we’ll get it done.

  Q: What type of training do you prefer, one-on-one or group? Why?

I must say that I prefer one-on-one training. I love to get to know my clients. I enjoy letting them get to know me. I love the intimacy of having that bond. Sometimes I feel as though a group setting can hinder the relationship of the client/trainer.

  Q: What are your personal goals for the future?

My personal goals are to affect change in as many lives as I possibly can. To show people that exercise does not have to be so bad, and can actually be fun. In addition, it is my goal to become successful in this field that I am so passionate about. Hopefully, in the end, my love for fitness and personal training will be very lucrative and afford my family a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.


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