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From: Hut Allred, New Wave Fitness, Inc.

To: Eric,

Re: How to overcome barriers?

Unless you've been living in a cave, you've heard
numerous stories about someone being pinned underneath
a car.

The person is fighting for his or her life. Then a
little-old lady comes along who desperately wants to
see him or her LIVE - grabs the bumper of the car and
lifts it up off the person with ease.

How in the world did she do this?

First, she formed a powerful mental picture of what she
wanted - to help the individual in need.

Second, the powerful mental picture caused a huge
adrenaline rush. And the adrenaline gave her the power
to do something that was considered 'impossible' just
seconds earlier.

The thing is she never questioned whether it was
possible or not. She simply formed a new powerful
mental image and took


Question: Can we as human beings tap into this type of
super-human strength on demand?

Answer: Yes and no.

Yes, we can absolutely do seemingly amazing things at
will. Yes, we can improve the results of whatever we
are doing - and do so instantly. Yes, we can make what
appear to be quantum leaps forward in a matter of

But no, we cannot make these quantum leaps unless we
harness the power of positive mental images and

In order for the little old lady to lift the car she
needed to change the mental picture she had in her mind
to one of physical invincibility and strength. She had
to visualize in her mind the result she wanted to
create - lifting the 2 ton car off a helpless victim.

Without this powerful visualization and mental picture
experienced in her mind and body - she wouldn't have
attempted the lift. She would have never even
considered it a possibility.

Positive mental images and visualizations of your goals
is the cornerstone to achieve miraculous body
transformation results.

I have spent the past 6 years teaching men and women
how to create these positive visualizations and mental
picture of their goals and the results are truly

I strongly recommend that you take a moment and
visualize yourself working towards and achieving your
health, fitness and weight loss goals. It may change
your life for the better - and at incredible speed. But
not if you sit on your hands with a mental image of "no
can do."

The more often you see something in your mind's eye,
the more quickly you'll reach it. The more intensely
you see it, the more surely and completely you will
attain it. Fill your mind with positive images. And
soon your life will be filled with positive results.

See yourself lean, fit and healthy. Like the little
old lady, lift yourself to new heights.

To learn how to overcome barriers in your life, and
learn how you can harness your power to achieve all of
your health and fitness goals, go here to request a
complimentary personal fitness training consultation.

Train Smart,



Top 5 ways to stay calm and reduce stress

By: John Halderman

Are you looking for more calm satisfying experience with you daily life?

Do you get frustrated with yourself at the end of the day because you've gotten stressed, unfocused or agitated?

Are you tired of getting over emotional and worn out.

Whether you are experiencing one or all of these feelings here are my 5 best tips on reducing the unwanted feelings so that you will feel calm and satisfied with yourself each day.

1. Catch yourself when you exhibit a feeling of behavior that you don't like and change it.
At first you may not notice the feeling until after you have gone through it, that's fine.

Think about how you would rather have felt.

Think about how you would rather have handled yourself. Decide how you want to do it next time.

As you continue with this process each day you will find that you will notice more easily what you are doing throughout the day.

You will begin to catch yourself earlier and earlier as you do this.

Eventually, you will be seeing yourself while you are doing it, then stop yourself.

At some point you will be able to notice before you even begin to feel and react in the undesirable way.

Here is where you will actually begin to change the way you react to the situations in your life and change your behavior.

2. Stay centered all day by refocusing throughout the day.
Develop the habit of paying attention to your mindset as the day goes on.

Several times a day, step away from what you are doing to get re-centered.

Sit down close your eyes and take several long slow deep breaths while imagining the tension washing slowly out of your body.

Notice your breathing getting slower and calmer.

Just think about your breath.

Try to keep from thinking about anything in particular.

It's ok to not be actively thinking for a while!

3. Watch out for your expectations.
You are setting yourself up for failure, upset and frustration when you set too many standards as to how you think things should be.

Think about what leads you to getting upset?

Why does it upset you?

Notice that you decide how many things should be, based on your own outlook and desire.

The things others do that are not to your liking, even the things you do that don't match your expectations.

Ask yourself, really how important is it that they be exactly that way

Ask, who am I to insist that they are that way?

Does it matter that much?

Is it worth getting myself worked up about?

Choose which expectations are really important for you to hold on to and which ones are not.

Holding on to many expectations just complicates your life, with constant judgment.

Simplify your life and reduce the stress!

4. Delegate.
This applies to your personal life as well as at work.

Most of us think of delegating as a workplace skill, but it can apply personally as well.

We are all very busy these days with our activities and duties.

Trying to fit it all in and get it all accomplished can lead to tension.

For various reasons, many of us have developed the habit of thinking we must do it all ourselves.

Take a look at your situation.

Think about it, really, how important is it that everything must be done perfectly to your standards?

Are you sure there are not other people who can assist you. Are the other people in your life pulling their weight?

Many times we get into habitual ruts that don't need to be as they are.

Look at what has been, with the eye of reducing the pressure on yourself.

5. Accept other people as one.
As you think of yourself as different and separate from the rest of mankind, you unknowingly create thinking and behavior that separates you from others.

This kind of separate thinking leads us to think we are superior to others which leads to judgment then selfish thinking and behavior.

We are then having an internal battle with others, which brings on fear, competition and comparison, ending in frustration and anxiety.

Look to discovering how to see yourself as one with all of mankind, not as separate.

Focus on what we have in common rather that the relatively small uniqueness.


From: Hut Allred, New Wave Fitness, Inc.

To: Eric,

Is your day filled with exhaustion? Are you too Pooped
to Putt?

Do you wake up tired? Go through the day feeling tired?
And still feel tired when you get home from work?

Maybe it's time to take a good look at your nutrition
habits? If you're like most people, you're lucky if you
can squeeze in one, maybe two good meals a day.

By "good meals" I mean complete meals that have a
balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

Most people miss protein with their breakfast, not to
mention the people that don't have time for breakfast
at all. Coffee for breakfast doesn't count.

I know you've heard it before, but I'll tell you again.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Going
without breakfast is like trying to drive your car on
an empty tank of gas.

For those that can squeeze in the snacks, they're
generally junk food, processed foods, and other "quick"
things on the run that lack the good nutrients our
bodies require for optimal health.

Low energy levels, fatigue, lack of focus and just
plain getting sick are just some of the problems that
can result from a life-style that is lacking in proper
nutrition and exercise.

If you're too Pooped to Putt or having trouble with any
of these issues, maybe it's time to make the change.

Take a chance with my New Wave Fitness, Ultimate 12
Week Body Transformation System. A complete fitness and
nutrition system for having the body you've always
wanted while energizing your life!

Train Smart!