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From: Hut Allred, New Wave Fitness, Inc.

Extreme Cardio For Fat Loss!

You don't have to do cardio for fat loss at all. None.
Shocking ,isn't it?

It's been stated over and over so many times you have
to do cardio and aerobics in the "fat burn zone" to
burn fat.

Here's the truth? Your nutrition is far more important
than whether you do cardio or not. In fact, nutrition
will account for 90% of the results you achieve from a
fat loss program.

The latest research has shown that an 8-week cardio
program consisting of 3 sessions per week of 40 minutes
per session did not result in any fat loss!

On the other hand, the interval training (bouts of
high-intensity paired with low intensity) group in the
same study lost several pounds of pure fat.

Traditional, slow boring cardio is a waste of your time
if you are looking for fat loss.

It's an inefficient use of your time, and possibly
ineffective. You are much better focusing on your
proper fat loss nutrition, resistance training and
interval cardio workouts.

And you certainly don't have to do incredible amounts
of cardio.

We've seen so many people take their fat loss
activities to the extreme only to wind up frustrated
and burnt out.

For example, we've had clients come to us and tell us
they are doing 6 hours of cardio per week. They wonder
why their not losing ANY fat.

That is an extreme amount of slow, steady and boring
cardio. Something I would never advise for an efficient
fat loss program. And often they still wanted to do

But I tell them absolutely not.

Inside most people, there is going to be the urge to do
more, eat less, or obsess even further about food and
exercise when you are trying to reach a fitness or fat
loss goal.

But taking nutrition and exercise to the extremes is
often counterproductive, and in the long-run, downright

And the unfortunate thing is that these clients who are
performing 6 hours of ineffective aerobic training, was
skeptical of the strength and interval workouts,
because they didn't think it contained enough cardio.

But really, how much could be enough for someone
already doing 6 hours? 6 hours wasn't getting any

I want you to understand that cardio is not the be-all
and end-all of fat loss programs. There are many ways
to burn fat and calories, not just by spending 60
minutes doing cardio.

All you really need are 3 - 4 quick but intense
resistance training sessions and 3 to 4 - 20 to 30
minute interval cardio based workouts to get great

If you're in even more of a rush, do 20 minutes of
total body resistance training followed by 20 minutes
of interval training.

Then spend the rest of your week staying active with
fun activities and focusing on whole, natural foods for
your fat loss nutrition.

No more long boring cardio!

One of our clients Jennifer Pueschner was making the
same mistakes as most Americans when trying to lose

Jennifer was doing a ton of cardio, eating less and not
doing any resistance training.

After we corrected her philosophy on fitness &
nutrition, Jennifer was amazed by her results.

To your fat loss success,