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Are You Looking For Personal Trainers in Rockville?

Working with a personal trainer is the most effective and safe way to reach your goals. Our certified personal trainers in Rockville will design a workout program specifically tailored to target your individual needs. We offer training programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. If you have a goal, our personal trainers in Rockville can design the program that will help you to achieve that goal quickly, and in a safe manner.

Our home personal trainers in Rockville will bring the equipment necessary to give you a great total body workout in the convenience of your home.  Not only that, but our sessions can be as little as $55 per hour, so stop paying so much for your training sessions!  You aren't going to achieve your goals in one session, rather a series of sessions, so with us you will never be overcharged!  Give us a call today to get started on your path to achieving your goals with one of our instructors

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We'd love for you to take advantage of our free, no obligation, consultation.  We sincerely feel that our trainers can help you achieve your goals, but we want to prove it, and earn your business.  We take our customer service very seriously, and never take our clients for granted.  If you have any thoughts or concerns on how we can improve our service, we would love to hear from you.  We are constantly striving to improve and offer the best personal training services in the area, and we would love to hear what you have to say.  On behalf of our training staff at Every Body's Personal Trainer, I only have one question for you.  "Why leave home, we'll bring the gym to you!"

If you are ready to get started, you can call us anytime at (443) 615-2702.  If you'd like to email us with your goals and contact information, you can email us at eric@everybodyspersonaltrainer.com.  In addition, you can use the free consultation form below as well.  We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you achieve your goals.


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We at Every Body's Personal Trainer would love to help you achieve a healthier, and more active lifestyle.  Our in home personal trainers in Rockville are very passionate about what they do, and would love to assist you in making fitness fun and exciting, not just a chore.  Our staff will start you off with a free consultation.  The consultation is your chance to get to know your trainer, and we recommend having plenty of questions to ask.  Our personal trainers are the best of the best, and we want to prove it. 

At the consultation, our in home personal trainers will ask about your current exercise patterns, you goals, as well as your past injuries and areas of concern.  Our personal trainers are here to help, and we want to know everything about you (almost everything :).  We at Every Body's Personal Trainer consider our clients our friends, and we all have one mutual goal, ACHIEVING RESULTS!!!  It doesn't matter when, our personal trainers are always there for you.  Rain or shine, our in home personal trainers in Rockville will be at your door, excited to give you a great workout.  So lets get started today!!!




What Are Clients Saying About Our Rockville Personal Trainers?

After tearing my ACL, and giving birth to my two sons, I gained a tremendous amount of weight.  I gained so much weight, I refused to visit my family out in California for the fear that they would make fun of how much weight I had gained.  I knew I did not have the discipline to lose the weight on my own, so I knew that I needed a personal trainer.  I am so happy to now say that I have lost 55 pounds!!!  My knees do not hurt nearly as bad as before, and I feel like I have so much more zest for life than I did before.  I never would have thought I could do it.  Thanks for all of your hard work.

        Lynn Swanson

        Rockville, Maryland


        Every Body's Personal Trainer,

    Thanks for helping Daniel prepare for his high school football team.  I hear him bragging to his friends all the time how much he can bench press.  I can't help but laughing.  Your company provides such a great  service.  Keep up the good work!!!

        Joan McElduff

        Rockville, Maryland


        Every Body's Personal Trainer,

        As an 82 year old senior, I was hesitant about engaging in weight training.  I knew how important it was for my bone mineral density and osteoporosis, but I had never done it before.  Thanks to you, I now love resistance training and feel so much stronger and more energetic.  I thought you were asking too much having me use 15 pound dumbells, but I can do it!  Thanks for working with someone my age.

        Ruth Gentry

        Rockville, MD


Does the Session Have to Be in My Home?

Maybe you don't have a ton of room to workout at home, no problem! Rockville offers plenty of great parks like Woodley Gardens Park, Mncppc Department of Parks, and Rockville Parks and Recreation to name a few. Our staff can meet you at the park with all the equipment needed to give you an amazing workout. Are you ready?

When you work with an in-home personal trainer, you must be sure that he or she:

•Has personal training experience, and not just a general knowledge

•Is ethical, professional, and prompt

•Has plenty of work experience to work towards YOUR goals, and not just a general one-fits-all goal

•Is the right fit for what you are trying to accomplish

How Personal Trainers in Rockville Can Benefit You:

This generation is leading a sedentary life and we have no doubts on that, do we? However, what is being done to combat the ill effects of being a gadget clutching couch potato? Everyone shies away from exercise and workouts with a ready excuse called ‘lack of time’. There needs to be some discipline here and for that, personal training is essential. You could choose in home personal training or simply gather your lazy self and hit the gym. Whatever you may choose to do, a body trainer who specializes in getting you back on track is going to change your life. Believe it or not, you will be thanking yourself for investing in helping your body back to fitness and in shape.


Customize Your Routine:
Everybody’s body is different and hence, the requirements of workout also differ markedly. Some suffer from a protruding belly while others may have sagging arms. Unless you know which part of your body you should be working on, you will never get the results you are seeking. A fitness instructor studies you and knows exactly what your problem areas are and how you should be getting rid of that fatty cellulite. A body trainer is essential if you wish to work out with a goal in mind and if you really want to exercise in the right manner.

Do More in Less:
A personal fitness trainer saves you a lot of time. They increase your efficiency and speed to accommodate all your routines in an hour or two. They will not waste unnecessary time in one kind of regime since they are aware of exactly how much time should a particular workout be given. You will maximize your results and will probably achieve the results in almost half the time than you will if you do it without a body trainer.

Confidence Booster:
Of course, you may be a young man or woman oozing with confidence already but a fitness instructor can change the way you look at yourself in ways you will probably not even know. Firstly, they are constantly motivating you to achieve your goals. Doing this every day brings a positive outlook within you and no matter which part of life you are having a problem in, you will be motivated enough to handle it. This motivation is not just limited to your workout time. Also, the discipline a personal fitness trainer instills in you goes a long way in your personal life as well. You will automatically become a better manager of time and work. Thirdly, they definitely change the way you feel about your body. Once the transformation begins, you will automatically feel more confident to take on anything that comes your way.


Need More Convincing As To Why A Personal Trainer In Rockville Makes Sense?


When you’re feeling healthy and physically fit, you’re going to be more productive in any area of your life. Research backs this up: According to a study published in the Journal of Labor Research, people who work out regularly (three times a week) earn about 10 percent more than those who don’t. Using that extra cash on a trainer (which costs, on average, about $50 to $80 per session) is definitely money well spent.


“One of the biggest stumbling blocks I see is people saying they can’t afford a trainer, but that is often a matter of perception,” Karp says.

Take a minute to decide what you can afford. A daily $4 coffee drink? A new outfit every month? Poke around your budget and you’d be surprised how easily you can find the cash if you make a few simple adjustments. And besides—you’ll look a lot better in the clothes you already have if you’re trimmer and more toned (and those coffee drinks are loaded with fat and calories anyway).


Personal training doesn’t have to be all that personal: According to Karp, many gyms are developing partner or buddy training programs or even training sessions with groups of three and four. In fact, a recent survey from IDEA found that 70 percent of U.S. gyms offer this type of training option. You still get personalized service at a much cheaper cost. Plus, there is a ton of research showing that exercising with a friend yields faster results than training alone.


Meaning your workout bras, tanks, and leggings haven’t seen the light of day (or an ounce of your sweat) in months. Hiring a trainer when you’ve been off the workout wagon not only helps prevent injury but can give you a clear sense of the road ahead—and what you need to do to reach your goals.

“A good certified personal trainer understands anatomy and biomechanics and can customize a routine based on your current fitness levels,” Karp says. On your own, it can be nearly impossible to know where to start, and what may have worked for you in the past may not apply anymore.


Trainers themselves are often former (or current) athletes and know a thing or 20 about achieving more nuanced or competitive fitness goals. Want to run a marathon, do a triathlon, or just sculpt a six-pack? A trainer who specializes in competitions, or who trains body builders, will know all sorts of tricks and tips specific to your goal.

Have one of Rockville's best personal trainers work with you in the comfort of your own home.  Our trainers in Rockville, Maryland will bring the equipment necessary to give you a great total body workout in the convenience of your home.  No more excuses, if you are ready to make a change, our fitness pros will get you there.  You can do it, and we believe in you.  Give us a call today to get started on your path to achieving your goals with one of our in home personal trainers in Rockville!