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Great Exercises to Tone the Lower Body

 The following are the top ten exercises to tone the lower body:

1.) The Squat-we all hate it but it is the king of lower body exercises. Targets the quads, hamstrings, as well as the backside.

2.)Stiff Legged deadlifts-nothing beats this exercise in regards to increasing hamstring flexibility, as well as targeting the backside.

3)Walking Lunge-great exercise for toning the quads. Try taking longer, deeper strides to target not only the quads but the backside as well.

4)Calve raises-try calve raises to target the lower leg. Really targets the calves and gets a great "burn." 5)Leg extensions-great exercise for toning the quads. Increases muscular strength and endurance in the muscles surrounding the knee, preventing knee problems.

6)Donkey kicks-great exercise for the backside and quads.

7)Lying hamstring curls (prone curls)-great for the hamstrings.

8)front squats-great for tightening the quads.

9)adductions-great for tightening the outer thighs.

10)abductions-targets the inner thighs.

Ask your trainer about these great exercises for the lower body, and as always, train hard!!!


 All about stretching

We all know that it is important to stretch, however, why is it so important? What are the benefits of stretching, and when should stretching be performed? These are just a couple of questions you may have pertaining to stretching. Stretching is very beneficial and should be included in everyone's training regimen. Stretching relaxes your mind and tunes up your body, and should be included as part of your daily routine. Regular stretching has many benefits such as the following: reduces muscle tension and makes the body feel more relaxed, helps coordination by allowing for freer and easier movement, increases range of motion, prevents injuries such a muscle strains, makes strenuous activities such as running, skiing, tennis, etc, easier by preparing the body for activity, develops body awareness, promotes circulation, and it feels good. Stretching can be done any time you feel like it: at work, in a car, waiting for a bus, or even at the beach. Stretching before and after physical activity is very important, but also stretch at various times of the day such as the following: in the morning to start your day, at work to release nervous tension, after sitting or standing for a long time, when you feel stiff, etc. Stretching is very easy to learn. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to stretch. The right way is a relaxed, sustained stretch with your attention focused on the muscles being stretched. The wrong way is to bounce up and down, or to stretch to the point of pain, which can actually do more harm than good. If you stretch correctly and regularly you will no doubt find that your muscles feel more relaxed.

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