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Why Use An In-Home Personal Trainer?


Lets face it, how easy is it to skip workouts? Sometimes things can get so crazy, and exercise gets put on the back burner.

However, with an in home personal trainer, you have an appointment. Our trainers will show up at your door rain or shine, no matter whether you feel like working out or not. We will give you accountability, thus yielding quicker results.


Working with a personal trainers is a proven way to quicker results. No more missing workouts, and performing ineffective exercise and routines. Our trainers will write a program specifically based on your individual goals, and be there to execute the plan.


Performing exercise incorrectly is an easy way to get hurt. Our personal trainers will make sure that you are using the proper form to prevent any injury that could potentially occur.


We could all use some extra motivation from time to time. The truth of the matter is that there are going to be times when you do not want to workout. However, our in home trainers will be there to push you, motivate, and encourage.

Constant Support

We are always available for constant support to our clients. Feel free to call us anytime day or night, or even from the super market. We like to take a your goal is our goal approach. Our work is not done after the session, or sessions are through. We will always be here for you, every step of the way.


Our trainers will monitor your progress every step of the way by conducting body fat measurements, circumference measurements, as well as strength and endurance tests. We'll always monitor and record your progress through our evaluations to ensure that you are on the right path to achieving your goals.


Yes, exercise can be fun. Our fitness pros will use their creativity to make your sessions fun and different. Whether its taking the session outside on a nice day, or incorporating some boxing, our trainers will keep your program fun and exciting.


Top Ten Reasons to Perform Resistance Training

There are many benefits of adding resistance training to your exercise regimen. The following are ten reasons why it is important to add weight training to your fitness routine.

Reason #1-adding lean tissue through resistance training will help to burn more calories at rest.

Reason #2-resistance training increases bone mineral density and helps prevent against osteoporosis. Reason #3-resistance training increase overall muscular strength and endurance.

Reason #4-as we age, we lose a percentage of our muscular strength. Resistance training prevents the loss of muscular strength as we age.

Reason #5-exercising with weights can be a great stress reliever.

Reason #6-strong muscles prevent injury.

Reason #7-by strengthening your muscles, especially the back and abdominal muscles, posture will improve putting less stress on the lower back.

Reason #8-weight training combined with aerobic training, dramatically increases the metabolism. Reason #9-weight training helps to tone and create nice lean muscles.

Reason #10-it can be fun!!!


Get a Head Start-Fitness for Kids

In this day and age of computers and video games, today's youth are more sedentary than ever. As a result, the rate of obesity among our children has been growing very rapidly. Education among our youth, pertaining to fitness and nutrition, is more important now than ever. Studies have been showing that childhood habits, in relation to nutrition and exercise, tend to persist into early adolescence and adulthood. How do we prevent this trend in childhood obesity?

The key to preventing this trend is education. It is very important to educate our nation's youth on how to eat healthy and how to exercise. By promoting this lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise early in childhood, chances are more than likely that such a lifestyle will continue into adulthood.


Can you really spot reduce?

I know we've all seen those infomercials where people with great abs and tight butts are endorsing a product that replace all pieces of exercise equipment and will get you great results with only 15 minutes a day. Or what's equally as bad are the latest diets that promise fast weight loss with little or no exercise.

Unfortunately, I hate to tell you but the only one that really benefits from these products are the companies that sell them. While society gets fatter these companies get wealthier. The only way to get real results is by exercising at high intensities on a consistent basis and eating a healthy well planned diet.

By incorporating strength training into your fitness program you will increase metabolism and burn more fat while your body's at rest. Working large muscle groups, rather than focusing solely on your abs or hips/thighs, will increase lean muscle and burn fat at a much faster rate. Lean muscle burns 9 calories per hour while your body's at rest compared to fat which burns only 4 calories. To learn more contact our FT studio to speak to one of our exceptional fitness professionals.

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